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  • Woodlands Hills Plants

Woodlands Hills Plants

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In this area you will find a list with plants that are allowed by the covenants of The Woodlands Hills. Check your deed restrictions or planning committee before making final decision.

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X X X   white, pink no yes yes
Almond Verbena X X     white very no yes
Azalea   X X   assorted no   yes
Bottlebrush-Dwarf Little John X X     scarlet red no no yes
Bottlebrush-Hardy X       scarlet red no no yes
Bottlebrush-Hannah Ray X       scarlet red no no yes
Bottlebrush Tree X       scarlet red no no yes
Boxwood, Japanese X X X   none no yes yes
Chinese Fringe (Loropetalum) X X     pink no no yes
Coppertone Loquat X X     white yes no not known
Holly Fern X X     none no no yes
Holly, Dwarf Burford X X     red berries      
Holly, Carrisa X X            
Indian Hawthorn, Clara (white) X X     white no   NO!!
Japanese Blueberry X X            
Juniper, Greenmound X X     none no yes yes
Juniper, Prostrate X X     none no yes yes
Ligustrum, Waxleaf X X     small white yes yes yes
Lilac Chaste Tree (Vitex) X X     lavender yes yes yes
Loropetalum X X     pink no no  
Loquat, Coppertone X X     white yes no not known
Nandina, Domestica X X X   berries no yes yes
Nandina, Firepower X X X   foliage no yes yes
Nandina, Gulfstream X X X   foliage no yes yes
Oleander, Standard X X     red, pink, white no yes yes
Oleander, Petite X X     pink, salmon no yes yes
Pineapple Guava X X     red, fruit yes no yes
Plumbago X X     blue no no yes
Golden Dewdrop Duranta X X     blue,yellow berries    
Roses X X     multi yes no NO!!
Spirea, Bridal Wreath X X     white no yes  
Spirea, Anthony Waterer X X     pink no yes  
Texas Sage, green X X     lavender yes yes yes
Teaxs Sage, Silver X X     lavender yes yes yes
Viburnum, Walters X X     white yes no sometimes
Viburnum, Suspensum X X     white      
Viburnum, Awabuki X X     foliage      
Vitex X X     lavender yes yes yes
Asian Jasmine X X     none      
Bulbine X X     yellow,tangerine    
Creeping Daisy, Wedelia X X     yellow no no yes
Dianella, Variegated Flax X X X   foliage      
Daylily, evergreen X X     many no yes yes
Foxtail Fern X X X   foliage no yes yes
Lantana X X     many yes yes yes
Fig Ivy X X X   foliage no yes  
Society Garlic X X     lavender yes yes yes
Ruellia, Katie Dwarf X X     lavender,white,pink    
Verbena X X     many no yes sometimes
Violet, Australian X X     white & blue    
Garden Violet X X X   violet      
Cassian Fountain Grass                
Dwarf Maiden Grass                
Fountain Grass                
Maiden Grass                
Miscanthus, Adagio                
Miscanthus, Morning Light                
Miscanthus, Sarabande                
Miscanthus, Silver Feather                
Muhly, Gulf Coast                
Muhly, Lindheimer                
Porcupine Grass                
Cypress, Bald                
Elm, Winged                
Elm, Cedar                
Gum, Black                
Gum, Sweet                
Holly , American                
Maple, Drummond Red                
Maple, Southern Sugar                
Magnolia, Southern                
Oak, Bur                
Oak, Live                
Oak, Nuttall                
Oak, Shumard                
Oak, Water                
Oak, White                
Oak, Overcup                
Pine, Loblolly                
Pine, Slash                
American Beautiberry                
Birch, River                
Buckeye, Red                
Buckthorn, Carolina                
Cherry-laurel, Carolina                
Crape Myrtle                
Dogwood, Flowering                
Esperanza, Gold Star                
Eve's Necklace                
Fringe Tree                
Holly, Tall Ink-berry                
Holly, Possumhaw                
Holly, Yaupon                
Leatherwood (titi)                
Loblolly bay                
Magnolia, Sweetbay                
Maple, Chalk                
Parsley Hawthorn                
Pine, Slash                
Pine, Loblolly                
Plum, Mexican                
Silverbell, Two winged                
Snowbell, Bigleaf                
Summer Sweet Clethra                
Sweetspire, Virginia                
Texas Mountain Laurel                
Viburnum, Arrow-wood                
Viburnum, Rusty Blackhaw              
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