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Discover the World of Tomatoes with Us!

Tomatoes, often described as the backbone of the vegetable garden, have delighted gardeners and chefs for centuries. With their vibrant hues and tantalizing flavors, they represent the spirit of summer and the reward of gardening. From the petite and sweet cherry tomatoes to the hearty beefsteaks, our range has something for everyone.


Quality You Can Trust

Each tomato plant we offer is:

Carefully nurtured to ensure a healthy start in your garden.

Grown without the use of harmful pesticides.


Growing Tips and Support

Not only do we provide quality plants, but we also ensure you have the knowledge to let them flourish:

Watering: Consistent moisture is key, but avoid getting the leaves wet to prevent disease.

Sunlight: Ensure they receive at least 6-8 hours of sunlight daily.

Soil: A well-draining soil rich in organic matter is ideal.

Support: Use cages or stakes to support your plants and keep fruits off the ground. (Sold in store)


Determinate vs Indeterminate

Indeterminate tomato varieties are vining plants that continue to grow longer and set fruit throughout the growing season. Determinate tomatoes reach their mature height, set all their fruit at once, and stop growing. The terms refer to the growth habit of tomato varieties, which can be bush (determinate) or vining (indeterminate). 


Let Your Garden Thrive

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, there's a sense of joy in watching a tomato plant grow, bloom, and bear fruit. Let us be a part of your gardening journey.


Below is a list of Tomatoes we have seasonally available to us, accompanied by cultivation advice. Please note that some items listed may NOT be available at the moment. Call us at (936) 856-5001 to check availability or to inquire about a specific type you're seeking. Your visit means a lot to us. We Hope to see you soon!

sincerely, The Growers Outlet Team


‘ARKANSAS TRAVELER’ - This heirloom gem boasts tangy richness, ideal for both slicing and canning. Enjoy medium-sized fruits, known for their firm structure in salads or atop your sandwiches. Besides, it's a sturdy breed with notable disease resistance. Ready in 85 days. Growth pattern: Indeterminate.


'AUNT RUBY'S GERMAN GREEN’ - Dive into the unique taste of this beefsteak-shaped heirloom. Flaunting a peculiar green-yellow shade, its complex sweetness is a gardener's delight. Growing up to 6 feet, it seeks firm support. Ideal for a range of kitchen uses and matures in around 75-80 days.


'BEEFMASTER’ - This hybrid brings forth meaty delight, with its rich flavor fitting for everything from burgers to sauces. Bright, large, and resistant to disease, expect bountiful yields. Ready in 85 days. Growth pattern: Indeterminate.


‘BEEFSTEAK’ - Revel in the meaty depth of this iconic beefsteak tomato. With its gorgeous deep-red hue and juiciness, it's a sandwich's best friend. Ready in 80 days. Growth pattern: Indeterminate.


'BELLA ROSA' - This hybrid promises sweetness with a hint of tang. With its bright allure, it’s perfect for your culinary adventures. Plus, it stands tall against diseases and cracking. Ready in 75 days. Growth pattern: Determinate.


BERKELEY TIE DIE PINK - This heirloom tomato is reminiscent of a vibrant tie-dye fabric, presenting with pinkish-red hues adorned with green and gold streaks. Shaped like a beefsteak and weighing up to a pound, it grows on plants that can stretch up to 6 feet, requiring sturdy support. You'll love its sweet yet slightly tart taste, making it an excellent addition to sandwiches, salads, or for preserving. After 80-85 days post-transplant, expect to harvest this distinct variety.


BETTER BOY - Known for its balanced taste, this classic hybrid tomato shines bright red and boasts a juicy profile, making it an ideal choice for slices and sandwiches. Expect impressive yields with this disease-resistant variety. Maturation occurs around day 75. It’s of the Indeterminate type.


BETTER BUSH - Perfect for those with limited space or a penchant for container gardening, this bush tomato, with its rich taste, thrives in compact settings. Offering medium-sized, vivid red fruits, it's both juicy and highly productive. Enjoy its good resistance to diseases, and look out for ripened fruits around day 68. It's a Determinate type.


BIG BEEF - As the name suggests, this hybrid tomato packs a meaty punch in flavor. Its large fruits, with a vibrant red hue, are juicy and perfect for sandwiches or slices. Known for high yields and good disease resilience, it reaches maturity in approximately 73 days and is of the Indeterminate type.


BIG BOY - A tomato lover’s delight, Big Boy is a classic hybrid variety celebrated for its substantial size, weighing between 10-16 ounces. Its red, juicy fruits combined with its meaty and sweet taste make it a perfect addition to sandwiches or salads. Cultivators can anticipate a 73-day growth cycle and commendable disease resistance. It’s readily available for gardening enthusiasts.


BLACK BEAUTY - Holding the title for one of the darkest tomatoes, Black Beauty is a sight to behold. Some even take on a mesmerizing blue-black hue on the skin. Inside, the deep red flesh promises a taste explosion – rich, savory, and underlined with earthy notes, making it one of the most flavorful tomatoes out there. It's also packed with potent antioxidants.


BLACK KRIM - Dive into the smoky richness of the 'Black Krim,' an heirloom variety showcasing dark purple-red tomatoes. Perfect for salads and slices, it's an indeterminate plant maturing between 70-90 days, flourishing best under the full sun.


BLACK STRAWBERRY - Renowned as the Black Prince Tomato, this heirloom is distinguished by its nearly black, medium to large-sized fruits. Packed with a smoky flavor and deep red flesh, it stands tall at about 6 feet. Expect firm, juicy tomatoes around 70-80 days post-transplant, making it an exciting choice for gardening enthusiasts.


BRANDYWINE - Step into the world of heirlooms with Brandywine's sweet and flavorful punch. Its large, pink-hued juicy fruits are a sight and taste to behold. With commendable disease resistance and bountiful yields, anticipate its maturity at around 85 days. This one's an indeterminate gem.


BUSH EARLY GIRL - Rejoice in early harvests with this determinate tomato. Compact by nature, it brings forth round, 4-6 ounce fruits that beam in deep red upon ripening. With a subtle sweetness, they're versatile in culinary ventures. Harvest joy as early as 54-58 days post-transplant with yields of 8-10 pounds per plant. Ideal for those short on space or eager to taste their garden's delights early.


CAMARO - Ready for a bountiful harvest? Camaro promises just that with its large, succulent fruits carrying a sweet-tangy punch. Towering at 6-8 feet, support is essential. After a wait of about 80-90 days, indulge in its delights. Ensure full sun and consistent hydration for optimal results.


CARMELLO - A hybrid masterpiece, Carmello's medium-sized fruits shimmer in deep red, promising a juicy bite. Savour its sweet richness in salads or as slices. Its resilience against cracking and diseases makes it a gardener's delight. Keep an eye out for its ripening around the 70-day mark. This one grows indeterminately.


CELEBRITY PLUS - An upgraded version of the Celebrity, the Celebrity Plus offers more uniformity and a slightly larger size. Experience its classic tomato zest in sandwiches or salads. With a bright red hue, its medium fruits are juicy and resistant to cracking. A determinate grower, it matures around 70 days and has noteworthy disease resistance.


CHAMPION - Bask in the equilibrium of taste with Champion's medium-sized, radiant red tomatoes. Suited for both slices and salads, these fruits boast resilience against diseases and cracking. A determinate variety, expect a 70-day wait for its maturity.


CHEF'S CHOICE GREEN - This beefsteak variant boasts substantial fruits, each weighing up to a whopping 16 ounces. With a striking green hue, its flavor profile is a delightful blend of sweet and tangy notes. Patience is key, with an 80-day maturity cycle for this indeterminate variety.


CHEROKEE PURPLE - Dive into the legacy of the Cherokee Purple, an heirloom variety known for its delectably sweet and deep flavor. A feast for the eyes, its fruits don a deep purple-red shade. Not just about good looks, it’s resistant to diseases and promises a generous harvest.


CHERRY - A treat that's as delightful to the eyes as to the palate. Cherry tomatoes burst with a sweet and juicy zing, perfect for direct snacking or adorning salads. With an indeterminate growth pattern, anticipate a fruiting period between 60-75 days under the warmth of the full sun.


CHOCOLATE CHERRY - A tantalizing mix of sweetness complemented by a subtle chocolatey hint. These petite tomatoes, about an inch in diameter, stand out with their deep reddish-brown skin. Blooming in 65-75 days, this high-yielding indeterminate plant gifts you with clusters of luscious fruit all season long.


CREAM SAUSAGE - Venture into the unique with the Cream Sausage, an heirloom presenting small, creamy yellow elongated tomatoes kissed with a pink blush. Relish their meaty, mildly sweet flesh in salads, salsas, and sauces. Growing determinately to heights of 3-4 feet, these plants stand their ground without needing staking, ripening in 70-80 days while being both high-yielding and disease-resistant.


DR. WYCHE'S YELLOW - Dive into the legacy of the Dr. Wyche's Yellow, a large heirloom tomato with splendid golden-yellow hues. Each fruit, often weighing a full pound, offers a blend of sweetness with low acidity, ideal for slices and grills. Towering at 6-8 feet, these indeterminate plants demand support. Expect ripe, disease-resistant fruits within 80-90 days post-transplant.


EARLY GIRL - Get a head start with Early Girl, a swift-grower delivering fruits that weigh in between 4-6 ounces. Indeterminate by nature, this variety flaunts its flavors, perfect for salads and sandwiches, in just 50-60 days from planting.


FANTASTICO - Experience the brilliance of Fantastico's large tomatoes, each scaling up to a pound. Adorned in a radiant red, their juicy sweetness is a treat to the palate. Reach out for these determinate delights in about 75 days.


GRAPE - Relish the Grape tomato's delightful blend of sweet and tangy, making it a snack and salad favorite. These tiny, vibrant red fruits are firm and abundant. With a 70-day maturity period, these indeterminate plants also boast commendable disease resistance.


HANGING BASKET 12" TRAILING TOMATO - 'Tumblin Tom': A cherry variety tailor-made for adornment, its trailing nature suits hanging baskets and pots. These determinate tomatoes, colored in vivid red, promise a sweet burst of flavor within a short 45-day period.




HOMESTEAD 24 - Embrace tradition with the Homestead 24, an heirloom known for its deep, balanced flavor. Sporting a radiant red, these medium-sized fruits are firm and versatile, suitable for both slices and sauces. Adapting well in sultry, humid conditions, this determinate variety promises ripe fruits in roughly 80 days.


INDIGO BLUE BERRIES - Step into the mystique of Indigo Blue Berries, a cherry tomato boasting shades of dark blue that transforms into a regal purple upon ripening. Each bite-sized fruit, averaging 1 inch, marries sweet with tangy. Maturing in 75-80 days, these prolific indeterminate plants grace gardens with clusters of berries throughout the season.




JET STAR - Ascend culinary heights with Jet Star, a high-yielding indeterminate that births sizable, round fruits weighing a notable 8-10 ounces. Maturing in 72-80 days, this classic tomato adds sweet notes to your sandwiches and salads, fruiting continuously all season long.


JULIETTE - Charm your palate with Juliette, a grape tomato that's a symphony of sweetness. Its radiant red, petite fruits are perfect for snacks and salads. Displaying both disease resistance and impressive yields, expect these indeterminate beauties to ripen in 60 days.


KELLOG’S BREAKFAST - Start your day right with Kellog's Breakfast, a timeless heirloom offering deep yellow-orange fruits with a lush, sweet profile. A delightful slice for sandwiches, these indeterminate plants gift gardeners with robust fruits in approximately 85 days.


KOLB - Discover the richness of Kolb, where each fruit can weigh up to a pound. A symphony of classic tomato flavors awaits, with this indeterminate variety ensuring hearty yields.


LaRoma III - Savor the dense and rich profile of LaRoma III, a Roma tomato that's the essence of sauces and a star in slicing. Reaping both disease resistance and generous yields, these determinate tomatoes are ready in 75 days.


LEMON BOY - Brighten your garden with Lemon Boy's sunlit yellow tomatoes. Their sweet tang is perfect for slicing or inclusion in salads. These indeterminate tomatoes, with their notable disease resistance, are ripe for the picking in around 72 days.


LITTLE BING - Meet the compact delight that is Little Bing. These cherry tomatoes, about an inch in diameter, offer a burst of sweetness. Ideal for tight spaces or container gardening, they mature in 60-70 days without needing staking, thanks to their bushy determinate nature.


MATT'S WILD CHERRY - Dive into the wild side with Matt's Wild Cherry, offering deep red, tangy fruits bursting with flavor. This indeterminate variety matures in 55-65 days, showering gardens with bounteous clusters of cherries.


MISSOURI LOVE APPLE - Revel in history with the Missouri Love Apple, a pink-hued delight with profound flavor. This potato leaf variety carries tales from the Civil War, treasured by the Barnes family who once viewed it as a mere ornamental. Today, we cherish it for its taste and legacy.


PARKS WHOPPER VERY FEW - Experience the grandeur of Park's Whopper, delivering hefty fruits that can tip the scales at a pound. Ripe in about 65-70 days, these indeterminate tomatoes slice perfectly and offer resistance against numerous tomato ailments.


PAUL ROBESON - Celebrate the legacy of Paul Robeson, a cherished heirloom tomato. With a rich, smoky profile, each medium-sized fruit, around 10-12 ounces, is a deep dark red delight. Indeterminate by nature, they mature in 75-85 days, versatile enough for slicing, canning, or sauce-making.


PHOENIX - Rise with Phoenix, a tomato that showcases radiant red hues in its medium-sized fruits, weighing a delightful 6-8 ounces. With a sweet tang to its bite, this indeterminate variety paints gardens with color in around 75 days.


PIGLETWILLIES FRENCH BLACK - Dive into the exotic with Pigletwillies French Black. This heirloom stands out with its deep purple-black skin and an enriched sweet essence. Its medium-sized fruits, around 8-10 ounces, are a juicy treat, maturing in 80-90 days as an indeterminate specimen.


RED GRAPE - Relish the miniature marvel that is Red Grape. These indeterminate grape tomatoes serve a dual role: perfect for snacking and as radiant salad additions. They flaunt vibrant red hues, reaching maturity in 65 days with commendable disease resistance.


RED SNAPPER - Savor the Red Snapper's bounty, a determinate variety known for its medium-sized, luminous red fruits. Delivering a sweet, juicy bite, it reaches its prime in 75-80 days. Its compact height of 3-4 feet makes it a container gardening gem.


ROMA - Discover the Italian allure with Roma, a determinate tomato that presents oblong, meaty 3-4 ounce fruits. Maturing in 70-80 days, its low-moisture content makes it a sauce, paste, and canning favorite.


SAN MARZANO - Step into Italy's heart with San Marzano. This indeterminate variety enchants with medium-sized, 4-5 inch radiant red fruits. Rich in flavor, they're a choice pick for sauces and canning, maturing in 75-80 days.


STELLAR - Gaze upon the luminous Stellar, a tomato that boasts large fruits weighing up to a pound, glowing in splendid orange hues. With a sweet tang, this determinate type ripens in approximately 70 days.


SUGARY - Delight in the sweetness of Sugary. This indeterminate cherry tomato offers vibrant red, bite-sized fruits that are snack-ready. Mature and ready to tantalize in 60 days, they also come with impressive disease resistance.


SUN GOLD - Revel in the golden rays of Sun Gold. These indeterminate cherry tomatoes glow in a golden-orange hue, offering a sweet, fruity essence. They mature swiftly in 55 days, making them a favorite in many gardens.


SUPER FANTASTIC - Experience the grandeur of Super Fantastic, an indeterminate tomato with fruits weighing a substantial pound. Painted in vivid red, they pack a sweet, juicy punch, maturing in about 80 days.


SUPREMO - Celebrate the supremacy of Supremo, a hybrid tomato showcasing balanced flavors and bright red allure. Its medium fruits are juicy, crack-resistant, and flaunt commendable disease resistance. Ready in 70 days, it's a determinate variety.


SWEET CHELSEA - Indulge in Sweet Chelsea's allure, an indeterminate cherry tomato that's a garden gem. With vibrant red, bite-sized fruits perfect for snacking and salads, it reaches maturity in 65 days, fortified with robust disease resistance.


SWEET 100 - Sweet 100 invites you into a world of flavor. This sought-after indeterminate cherry tomato bursts forth with tiny, sweet fruits. Best nurtured under the sun, in well-draining soil with consistent moisture, it can tower up to 5-7 feet, standing tall and proud in gardens.


SWEET MILLION - Sweet Million is a cherry tomato that promises a wealth of flavor. Perfect for snacking or enhancing salads, its vibrant red hue and firm bite are a garden's delight. With robust disease resistance and impressive yields, this indeterminate tomato will reach its peak in 65 days.


TOMATILLO - Venture into the heart of Mexican cuisine with Tomatillo. Encased in a delicate papery husk, these small, round fruits deliver a tangy zest with a hint of citrus. Apart from being the star ingredient in Salsa Verde, they're a nutritional powerhouse, rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.


VIVA ITALIA - Celebrate Italian culinary delights with Viva Italia! This elongated plum tomato, with a meaty heart and sweet richness, shines in vibrant red. A perfect companion for sauces, pastes, or canning, this indeterminate variety ripens in 70-80 days, bringing Italy closer to your kitchen.


WOOD'S FAMOUS BRIMMER - Step back into the 1920s with Wood's Famous Brimmer, a testament to the legacy of W.T Woods & Sons from Richmond, Virginia. This tomato is a gardener's dream, producing large, impeccably round, 3-4" red fruits. It's an ode to those who appreciate classic beauty in their garden.


YELLOW PEAR - Delight in the unique charm of Yellow Pear, a tomato variety that stands out with its pear-shaped fruits and radiant yellow skin. Perfect for snacking or adding a pop of color to salads, this indeterminate tomato boasts excellent disease resistance, high yields, and matures in around 75 days.


PROVEN WINNERS 'GARDEN GEM' IN ROUND POTS - Priced at $6.99 each, the 'Garden Gem' is where heirloom charm meets modern innovation. This semi-determinate snack-size tomato boasts true heirloom flavor, complemented by advanced disease resistance and a prolific yield. Experience firm, juicy fruits with a harmonious flavor profile. With resilience against heat and humidity, these plants promise extended fruiting periods, with fruits ripening 60-65 days post-transplant. For seed growers, anticipate the first mature fruit between 81 to 93 days.



  1. Arkansas Traveler
  2. Beefmaster
  3. Bella Rosa
  4. Better Bush
  5. Big Beef
  6. Bush Early Girl
  7. Camaro
  8. Celebrity Plus
  9. Champion
  10. Cream Sausage
  11. Early Girl
  12. Grape
  13. Heat Master
  14. Homestead 24
  15. JD's C-Tex
  16. Jet Star
  17. Kolb
  18. LaRoma III
  19. Lemon Boy
  20. Little Bing
  21. Missouri Love Apple
  22. Phoenix
  23. Red Snapper
  24. Roma
  25. Supremo
  26. Viva Italia


  1. Aunt Ruby's German Green
  2. Beefsteak
  3. Berkeley Tie Die Pink
  4. Better Boy
  5. Big Boy
  6. Black Beauty
  7. Black Strawberry
  8. Brandywine
  9. Carmello
  10. Chef's Choice Green
  11. Cherokee Purple
  12. Chocolate Cherry
  13. Dr. Wyche's Yellow
  14. Fantastico
  15. Hanging Basket (Tumblin Tom)
  16. Indigo Blue Berries
  17. Juliet
  18. Kellog's Breakfast
  19. Matt's Wild Cherry
  20. Paul Robeson
  21. Pigletwillies French Black
  22. Red Grape
  23. San Marzano
  24. Stellar
  25. Sugary
  26. Sun Gold
  27. Super Fantastic
  28. Sweet Chelsea
  29. Sweet 100
  30. Sweet Million
  31. Tomatillo
  32. Wood's Famous Brimmer
  33. Yellow Pear



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