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Hello Green Thumbs and Herb Enthusiasts!

As the seasons change, so does our stock of fresh herbs. Whether you're a seasoned chef looking for the perfect sprig of rosemary or a budding gardener planning your next aromatic plant addition, we've got exciting news for you!


Why Seasonal Herbs?

Seasonal herbs offer a freshness that can't be matched. Harvested at their peak, these herbs not only boast optimum flavor but also come loaded with nature's goodness.

Maximum Flavor: When herbs are in their prime season, their flavors are at their most potent.


How to Purchase?

Call for availability, Visit our store, browse our selection of aromatics, and pick your favorites!


Tips for growing herbs:



Tips for Storing Your Herbs:

Remember to store your fresh herbs in a cool, dry place. For herbs like basil and mint, placing them in a glass of water (like cut flowers) can extend their freshness. Alternatively, wrapping them in a damp paper towel and sealing them in a plastic bag can also keep them crisp. Herbs, whether fresh or dried, are versatile additions to a myriad of dishes, from meats and vegetables to salads, soups, and desserts. Beyond culinary uses, they serve as tea ingredients, natural health solutions, and components in beauty and skincare items.


Below is a list of herbs we have seasonally available, accompanied by cultivation advice and their potential applications.

Please note that some items listed may NOT be available at the moment. Call us at (936) 856-5001 to check availability or to inquire about a specific herb you're seeking. Your visit means a lot to us. We Hope to see you soon!

sincerely, The Growers Outlet Team



Cultivation: Thrives in both pots and open soil, favoring well-drained terrain and sunlight ranging from full to partial. Pluck the leaves once they span 2-3 inches.

Utility: Regular in salads and as a decorative touch, arugula introduces a subtle peppery and slight bitter undertone.



Cultivation: This plant flourishes in containers or directly in soil, leaning towards well-drained soil and a balance of full sun and partial shade. Harvest flowers at their peak bloom.

Utility: A go-to for soothing teas, German chamomile doubles as a holistic sleep and relaxation aid, exuding tranquility.



Cultivation: They favor well-drained soil under a combination of sun and partial shade, viable in pots or direct soil. Snip the leaves when they extend 6-8 inches.

Utility: A staple in stir-fries and soups, and as an embellishment, these chives offer a delicate garlic nuance.



Cultivation: This plant craves tropical warmth and well-draining ground. Whether in pots or open soil, it needs ample sunshine and frost shielding.

Utility: Dominating Indian and South Asian dishes, curry leaves introduce an unmistakable spiciness.



Cultivation: Favoring well-drained soil, it flourishes under sunlight to partial shade, either potted or grounded. Harvest 4-6-inch leaves.

Utility: Dill's vibrant, tangy touch makes it ideal for pickles, salads, and garnishing.



Cultivation: Relishing well-draining soil and sun to light shade, it can be raised in pots or direct soil. Snip 6-8-inch leaves.

Utility: Known for its licorice undertone, fennel is a hit in salads, soups, and as a decorative addition.



Cultivation: Desiring drained soil, partial to full sun, it's flexible for pots or ground planting. Pick the young, soft leaves.

Utility: Boasting a sweet, citrus note, it's popular in teas, sweets, and garnishing.



Cultivation: A rapid grower, it loves well-drained soil and a mix of sun and shade. Whether potted or in open soil, regular trimming curtails excessive spread.

Utility: With its chocolatey scent and taste, it shines in desserts, teas, and garnishing.



Cultivation: Preferring drained soil and sunlight to partial shade, it's apt for pots or direct planting. Pluck 2-3-inch leaves.

Utility: Essential for mojitos and other beverages, this mint variant brings a sweet, refreshing tang.



Cultivation: Thrives in drained soil, enjoying full sun to light shade, and is adaptable to both pots and open terrain. Harvest when leaves reach 2-3 inches.

Utility: With its citrusy sweetness, it's a favorite in teas, desserts, and as garnishing.



Cultivation: Prefers well-drained soil and a balance of full sun and shade, suitable for container or open-ground growth. Pluck 2-3-inch leaves.

Utility: Recognized for its intense minty zest, it's a top choice for teas, desserts, and garnishing.



Cultivation: A fan of drained soil and sun to light shade, it's best contained in pots due to its aggressive growth. Harvest 2-3-inch leaves.

Utility: With a sweet minty essence, spearmint elevates teas, desserts, garnishing, and diverse dishes like lamb and fruit salads. It's also a natural remedy for digestive issues and a repellent.



Cultivation: Preferring well-drained soil and direct sunlight, it can be potted or planted directly, growing up to 2 feet. Harvest 3-4-inch leaves.

Utility: Dominant in Italian and Mediterranean dishes, its robust, slightly bitter taste surpasses other oregano types. Also offers medicinal benefits.



Cultivation: Loving well-draining soil and full sun, it’s versatile for pots or direct planting. Pick 3-4-inch leaves.

Utility: Central to Italian and Mediterranean cuisines, it brings a distinctively bitter and pungent flair.



Cultivation: Favoring well-drained soil and a mix of sun and shade, it grows in containers or the ground. Pluck 2-3-inch leaves.

Utility: Commonly used in soups, stews, and garnishing, it introduces a fresh, mild note.



Cultivation: Thriving in well-drained soil under sun to partial shade, it’s versatile for containers or open ground. Harvest 2-3-inch leaves.

Utility: Found in soups, stews, and garnishing, it boasts a fresh, mild essence.



Cultivation: This variant needs well-drained soil and abundant sunlight, suitable for pots or ground. Harvest mature leaves.

Utility: Prevalent in Italian and Mediterranean cooking, it infuses dishes with a pine-like aroma.



Cultivation: Requiring well-draining soil and a blend of sunlight and shade, it's apt for pots or open terrain. Pluck fully grown leaves.

Utility: Used cautiously in soups and stews, and as a holistic digestive aid, it imparts a strong bitter tang.



Cultivation: Preferring drained soil and sun to light shade, it can grow in containers or directly in soil. Harvest mature leaves.

Utility: Known for its fruity sweetness, it's excellent in teas, desserts, and garnishing.



Cultivation: Favors drained soil with sunlight to partial shade, suitable for pots or open soil. Pluck mature leaves.

Utility: Central to French and Russian cooking, it brings a licorice zest.



Cultivation: Loves drained soil and a balance of sun and shade, adaptable to pots or open ground. Harvest 2-3-inch leaves.

Utility: Frequently used in marinades and sauces, it carries a fresh lemony scent.



Cultivation: With a preference for drained soil and full sun to light shade, it can be potted or ground-planted. Pick 2-3-inch leaves.

Utility: Ideal for marinades, stews, and seasoning, it introduces a potent herbal aroma.


And much more! Call or visit us to check availability or to inquire about a specific herb you're seeking!