Organic Gardening For Healthier Living

Organic gardening has been around since the beginning of time. It has only been fairly recent that the widespread use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides has become commonplace. By switching to total or nearly total organic garden practices gardeners have achieved better results in terms of crop yields, drought resistance, fewer pests, healthier living and less stresses on our environment.


At the Growers Outlet we have increased our knowledge and product selection in the area of organic gardening. We have products like Microlife, which is a locally produced premium organic line of fertilizers and soil amendments as well as many of the Soil Menders products. We also carry a complete line of Bonide products that now has many organic solutions for bug and disease issues for both lawn and garden.


We carry products produced by Natures Way Resources such as the "Leaf Mold" compost which is probably one of the best lawn and garden amendments we have ever found. It is loaded with beneficial microbes that will help your lawn recover from things like take all patch and your flower or vegetable garden grow plants that will be healthier, more drought tolerant and more productive.

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