"Dallas Red" Lantana

Botanical Name--Lantana camara 'Dallas Red'


Description--Compact grower with good heat and drought tolerance. Flowers bloom from early summer to frost and are golden, orange and mostly red. Attracts butterflies.


Exposure--Full Sun


Height x Width--3-4' H x 4-5' W


Water--Little water needed once established


ZonesZones 8-11





This is an old variety of lantana and has proved very easy to grow in most situations. This variety like most of the older bi-color ones can grow rather tall and wide compared to the more common "New Gold" variety.


Fertilize with Nelson's Color Star, starting right after the first pruning.


Pruning should be done after the last freeze, usually for us around the first week or so of March.


Lantana is very easy to grow in most soils. It is a cyclical bloomer so a light pruning after each cycle will increase flower show for the next cycle.


Severe foliar diseases can occur during periods of heavy rain and cloudcover. A prevention spray with something like Bonide Infuse or an organic product like neem oil will help keep plants healthy.


The most common insects that attack this plant are the "whitefly" and the "lacebug". Both are relatively easy to control. Tap on the link below for insect control.


Some parts of this plant are poisonous and a skin irritant. If you are concerned with exposure to children and pets it is advisable to do appropriate research.



Texas Plant Answers-Lantana

Link for lacebug control

Link for whitefly control

Link for fungicide application


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