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Attractive succulent, native to Madagascar which doesn’t need much water. It is also known as Giant Kalanchoe, Good Luck Leaf, Leaf of Life, Life Plant, Miracle Leaf, Palm Beachbells, Sprout Leaf Plant, Sprouting Leaf, and Tree of Life.

Because of its unique leaves, big flower stems, and its way of welcoming hummingbirds, many succulent lovers put Donkey Ear on the top their list. Young leaves of Donkey Ear are light green or greenish white in color and become bigger with prominent mule spots as the plant grows. The leaves are shaped like a donkey’s ear, thus it is commonly known as Donkey Ear. Donkey Ear grows about 2 feet tall when it blooms producing showy drooping red and yellow flowers.

Unlike some other succulents, Donkey Ear grows fast and can tolerate almost any condition. It looks best in an outdoor landscaping pot used as a low-rise specimen. Just bring it indoors during winter and place it in any bright window so you can guard the plant against frost. Select a pot large enough to allow the plant to grow. Use potting soil that is permeable and includes a mix of peat, soil and sand. Small rocks may be added to the pot when planting to encourage drainage.

Keep the plant in an area where it will receive both sun and shade. During the winter, place the Donkey Ear near a window to expose it to sunshine. Water the Donkey Ear plant approximately once a week, or less often as needed. Do not saturate the soil, as over-watering can harm the plant.

Monitor the Donkey Ear for baby plants which appear at the tips of the leaves. These baby plants may be removed and planted to create new Donkey Ear plants.

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