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What to do in August

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*Prune crape myrtle seed pods to encourage one last bloom cycle.
*Make sure that your trees are receiving at least one good soaking per week.
*Keep an eye on shallow rooted plants such as azaleas, from drying out. Don’t assume your irrigation system is watering them properly.
*In late August it is OK to dead head or lightly prune flowering perennials and roses to encourage fall blooming.
*It is getting too late to add nitrogen to your lawn but products with liquid iron on yellowed out grass will make a big difference in appearance. Also, products like Microlife Humates Plus is a great product for greening up your lawn without risk of burning and without using nitrogen.
*If you have had problems with brown patch in the fall, fungicides for brown patch will work much better when applied as a preventative once evening temperatures start reaching into the 60’s
*Be sure to water in the early mornings to help prevent any potential fungal disease.
*If you have areas of grass dying, check for chinch bugs and sod webworms. It is still possible to get infestations in August.
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  1. Michelle Goodwin Michelle Goodwin

    My crape myrtle and gardenias never bloomed this year. What should I do? I did have to cut the gardenias back after the freeze and they look great now just no flowers.

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