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April ToDo list

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  • By Terry Wibberg
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April ToDo list

Here’s what to do in your lawn and landscape this month

If you haven’t fed your azaleas and camellias now is the time to do so. Feed azaleas and camellias, once they are finished blooming with the organic Microlife Azalea Food or Nitro Phos Azalea Camellia Food

*Once your azaleas finished blooming prune back not more than one third.

*Any of your roses that are prone to black spot should be treated on a  bi-weekly basis with a product like Bonide Infuse, especially during periods of wet cloudy weather. Don’t wait until the black spot occurs before treating!

*If you haven’t already done so, now would be the time to re-mulch your trees and shrubs with a good quality mulch like Landscapers Pride Black Velvet hardwood mulch or pine bark mulch..

*You can control caterpillars that defoliate trees by treating all new leaves with BT.

*It is still not too late to use a product like Nitro Phos Barricade, a pre-emergent herbicide to treat your lawn to prevent weed seed that has not germinated yet.

*For weeds that are growing use Bonide Weed Beater For Southern Lawns.

*If you fertilized your lawn in late February or early March, now is the time to put on your next spring application. MicroLife Hybrid, MicroLife 6-2-4, Nitro Phos Super Turf would be great right now.


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