Some of Our Favorite Plants That Will Grow Well In Bentwater

The Growers Outlet grows much of what we sell on the premises. What we don't grow we buy from some of the best local growers in the area. We carry all your common bedding plants, perennials, shrubs, trees, and edibles as well as many hard to find items. Click on the icons to see what some of our favorites are. One of the difficult problems with growing anything in Bentwater is most of the soil is a heavy black gumbo soil that needs to be amended before planting. If not your soil may not drain away from the plants properly causing root rot problems or unsatisfactory growth. Your builder may or may not have amended your beds before planting shrubs and trees. Come by for some good advice before buying or planting any new shrubs, trees, or perennials. This is not an all inclusive list of what we sell just some of our favorites!

Bedding Plants





Fruit Trees

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